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Oasis offers a comprehensive range of regulated investment funds designed to meet the needs of socially responsible and ethical investors. These funds are managed by a qualified and experienced investment team who ensure that the management process applied to each of these funds adheres to the Oasis investment philosophy.


Through the years, the Investment manager of the Oasis funds managed a number of award winning funds and continues to be ranked by independent global rating agencies.


The Oasis funds offer simplicity, cost efficiency, flexibility, and transparency to investors. They are designed to satisfy the aims and objectives of an investor seeking income and/or capital growth through diversification across the Equity, Property and Income asset classes.


Tax-Free Savings Products

Oasis Crescent Wealth (UK) Limited offers advice to UK residents on the Individual Savings Accounts (stocks and shares ISAs) detailed below. Each ISA product provides investors tax free returns on their investments.  Please consult our financial advisor on the ISA product that would be most suitable to meet your unique investment needs and objectives. 

Pension planning and saving in a tax efficient manner remain important in ensuring a comfortable retirement. A personal pension product offers tax relief on your contribution at your marginal rate of tax. The basic rate taxpayer receives the relief at source, while a higher rate taxpayer and an additional rate taxpayer can reclaim further tax relief through their self-assessment when contributing to a personal pension product.



The changing working landscape has resulted in more individuals changing employment. As a result, the preservation of one’s retirement savings is crucial to ensuring a comfortable retirement. 

Personal Pension Products


Oasis Crescent (UK) Limited is the holding company of a leading group of companies, which specialise in ethical and socially responsible investment management and investment administration. and wealth creation.

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Seeking to Protect and Grow the Real Wealth of our Investors over the Medium to Long Term

The Oasis Group is an independent organisation that is driven by its internal stakeholders, dedicated management and multi-skilled staff. The company endeavours to provide unrivalled financial products and services to satisfy the evolving needs of our diverse clients. The unequivocal objective of the Oasis investment team is to manage our client’s investments through the application of a low volatility fund management philosophy, which seeks to protect the investment during downward market movements, whilst simultaneously striving to grow the real wealth over the medium to long term.

The application of this philosophy is epitomised in the focused management of financial assets through the utilisation of proven stock selection skills that leverage off a meticulous research process.