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Investment Philosophy

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The fundamental objective of the Oasis investment philosophy is to generate superior returns at lower than market risk. To satisfy this objective, the appointed investment manager of the Fund managed by the Authorised Corporate Director (ACD), has developed a socially responsible research and investment process that seeks to identify securities that have an undervalued stream of sustainable cash flows. This process which is applied on a global basis is responsible for the ultimate selection of the most undervalued listed companies in the world.

Our investment philosophy is based on the objective of protecting and growing the real wealth and improving the standard of living of all our clients. We, therefore, target to provide superior returns at low volatility which is driven by our instrument selection based on quality and value and ensuring that portfolios are appropriately diversified. One of the key attributes of our philosophy is to provide significant downside protection relative to the market based on our quality and valuation selection criteria. This is one of the key drivers of outperformance and wealth creation over the long term.

Proxy Voting Results – 1Q 2024

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