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Company Profile

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Oasis Crescent (UK) Limited is the holding company of a global group of companies, which specialises in ethical and socially responsible investment management and investment administration. Oasis Crescent was founded in 1997 and has grown into a global investment management firm with an established presence in 7 registered jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, and South Africa. 

Through its sub-funds, which are categorised into a Shari'ah-compliant investment product range (Oasis Crescent), Oasis offers broad diversification in terms of the asset class, currency, geographic location, sector, and instruments to its investors. Each product is tailored to ensure that it meets specific risk profiles so that investors benefit from the value generated over time. Since inception, the focus on protecting and growing the wealth of investors in an effective, efficient and client-centric administration environment, has led Oasis towards consistently delivering on its longstanding track record of excellence.

Our vision is to provide leading wealth management solutions to our clients in a responsible and ethical manner. We have designed our product offering to meet the specific requirements of investors seeking investment funds that align with their principles, while simultaneously protecting their investments during downward market movements in order to facilitate growth over the long term.  

We combine our disciplined and strategic approach to investing with deep industry experience and focused leadership that allows us to deliver sound investment plans, which meet the unique needs of our investors.

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