Company Structure

Oasis Crescent (UK) Limited is the holding company for Oasis Crescent Wealth (UK) Ltd., (OCWUK) and Oasis Global Management Company (Ireland) Ltd., (OGMCI). 


OCWUK is a financial advisory firm regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and has been providing tied advice on the Oasis Crescent range of investment products to the UK retail market since 2012. 

OGMCI was formed in October 2002 as an administration company and product provider. In January 2003, OGMCI obtained an administration license from the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority to administer collective investment schemes that satisfy the stringent regulations of the European Union. On receipt of this license, OGMCI established its global offices in the Dublin financial district, and during March 2003, received approval for the launch of the investment company – Oasis Crescent Global Investment Fund (Ireland) plc (“the Irish Fund”) to which it was appointed as the management company. 


The directors of OGMCI, in the interest of the shareholders in the Irish Fund, embarked on the re-domiciliation of the business of OGMCI and the Irish Fund from Ireland to the UK in 2019.  This re-domiciliation entailed the establishment of a UCITS fund in the UK and the merger of the Irish Fund with such UK domiciled Fund.


On 24 July 2020 OGM Oasis Crescent Global Investment Funds (UK) ICVC (“the UK Fund”) was authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and OGMCI was appointed as its Authorised Corporate Director (ACD).


On 11 December 2020, Irish Fund was merged with the UK Fund. 


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