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Shari'ah Compliance

Oasis offers a comprehensive range of Shari'ah-compliant regulated investment funds that have been designed to meet the needs of ethical and socially responsible investors. The investments for our Shari’ah compliant portfolios conform to the guidelines prescribed by the Shari'ah Advisory Board. With the assistance of this Board, the Oasis Group has developed Shari’ah compliant products that have earned a number of awards through the years and which have been highly ranked by independent global rating agencies.

Shari'ah Certificates

Oasis Crescent Global Investment Fund (UK) ICVC 

Oasis Crescent Global Equity Fund 

Oasis Crescent Global Property Equity Fund 

Oasis Crescent Global Income Fund 

Oasis Crescent Global Low Equity Fund 

Oasis Crescent Global Medium Equity Fund 

Oasis Crescent Variable Fund 

Oasis Crescent Global Short-Term Income Fund 

The name of the Oasis funds was officially changed on 1 November 2021 by the deletion of the prefix "OGM".

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