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Tax Free Savings Products

Lifetime Investment Savings Accounts (LISAs)

The lifetime ISA (LISA) is a tax-free saving or investment account designed to help those aged 18-39 to buy their first home or save for their retirement.

This is an attractive scheme where an individual who intends to buy their first property, could benefit from this wrapper. HM Revenue and Customs give an investor a 25% bonus on the total amount you contribute into your Lifetime ISA. That means if you pay in the maximum amount of £4,000* in a year, you will receive a bonus of £1,000 in the current tax year.


  • A LISA is suitable for anyone between the age of 18 - 39 

  • A UK tax resident

  • A LISA is suitable for both employed and self-employed individuals

  • A LISA is also suitable for non-income earners; Eg: Gifts from Parents.  

Lifetime Investment Savings Account.jpg


  • A 25% bonus on the contribution made

  • This wrapper can be used to fund an initial deposit towards the purchase of your first residential property 

  • There are potential investment returns in addition to the 25% bonus

  • Tax-free returns 

  • Can be used to supplement retirement income if a  property is not purchased

  • Funds are easily accessible ** 

  • No limit on withdrawal size 

  • Professional fund management

  • No requirement to report returns from LISAs to HMRC

*2020/21 tax year

** The minimum holding period is 12 months, subject to a 25% penalty if withdrawn for purchase other than property or redeemed before the age of 60.

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