Active Ownership

Responsible investing and being an active shareholder is a core part of our investment process. Our investment strategy focuses on long-term sustainable returns and as part of this strategy, our Responsible Investment objectives are reviewed and assessed on an ongoing basis. We ensure that we are active owners and that our fiduciary duties in terms of shareholder rights are exercised in the best interest of our clients. We also ensure that all decisions are based on thorough analysis and that actions are properly recorded and communicated. 


Oasis endeavors to vote on all investee company resolutions at AGM’s. Oasis also engages with investee companies on all three aspects of ESG on a continuous basis. Engagements are done via written communication, one on one meetings or conference calls with management, the Chairperson or Board of Directors, where necessary. 


If the engagement proves to be unsuccessful, we express our concerns through different mediums, including press releases, collaboration with other shareholders and voting against the directors or the approval of the annual report. If we are not satisfied with the outcome we will consider voting against the Board of Directors and depending on the pertinence of the issue, this may lead to a reduction in our exposure or a complete exit from the company. 

Conflicts of Interest

We avoid and/or mitigate conflicts of interest as follows:

•   We consider all circumstances and relationships that could potentially lead to a conflict of interest.

•   We prevent or manage the conflict of interest.

•   We make attempts to mitigate the conflict of interest. We disclose the necessary conflicts of  

     interests to the Client and intermediary to ensure transparency.


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