Privacy Policy

The ACD will process the personal information of Shareholders and of prospective investors who contact the ACD. As such, and in accordance with the ACD’s obligations under data protection law, the ACD’s privacy notice, contained in the Application Form, provides details about the collection, use and sharing of personal information in connection with Shareholders’ or prospective investors’ interest or investment in the Fund(s). Shareholders and prospective investors may obtain further information about how the ACD processes personal information relevant to the Fund(s) by reading the most up to date version of the ACD’s privacy policy available on

It is the responsibility of Shareholders or prospective investors to advise any other person whose personal information is provided by such Shareholders or prospective investors to the ACD (such as joint investors) about how the ACD processes personal information and to provide them with the link to the ACD’s privacy policy.

For details of how to exercise your rights against the Replacement ACD under data protection laws please refer to the section entitled [‘Your Legal Rights’] in the Replacement ACD’s Privacy Notice. The Replacement ACD has a Data Protection Officer. You can contact the Data Protection Officer at [email address] or by using the other contact details set out in the Privacy Notice.


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