Principles of Business

Since the first day of operation, Oasis has followed the principles set out by the CFA Charter and always complied with the highest standards.  To ensure that the affairs of Oasis are conducted with the utmost integrity, it has sought to maintain high levels of corporate governance at all times. This ensures that extremely high standards of fairness, accountability, responsibility, and transparency are maintained.

Beyond adhering to external regulation and the prescribed standards of these industry bodies, the Oasis Group has created a business infrastructure that operates within a framework of internal controls that monitor the daily business activities of Oasis, to ensure that they conform to internally generated control standards. 

These teams all adhere to the fundamental principle, that while fulfilling their functions they do so with care, consideration, precision, and excellence. The firm’s internal processes are aligned with the FCA’s Principles for Business.


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Oasis Crescent (UK) Limited is registered

in the UK, number 07856953