Financial Advisory Services

Oasis Crescent Advisory Services (UK) Limited is a fee based investment advisory firm specialising in wealth management. Oasis Crescent Advisory Services (UK) Limited is a regulated entity and the regulated activity which is investment advice. The Firm Reference Number is 572395.

Our mission is to provide investment advisory services of unrivalled quality to satisfy our clients.

We offer restricted advice by only advising on the range of products that are managed by Oasis Global Management Company (Ireland) Limited. We provide tailored written investment plans and our advice is restricted to the suitability of your investment into the Oasis Group range of Investment funds and to the following areas of financial planning, ISAs and Junior ISAs. We do not advise on any other areas. If you require advice on any other area of financial planning including SIPP/Pensions, Inheritance tax, Wills, Mortgage, Cash reserve/Emergency Fund, or Life Insurance, we recommend that you consult with a third party specialist advisor.

We will provide full disclosure of all the actual and potential financial implications and risks, and put the client in a state in which they are prepared to make the best decision regarding their investments. Our fees and the fees of the products will be disclosed in detail and explained to the client. We view a person’s financial wellbeing as being of the utmost importance and commit ourselves to giving them all the assistance that we can. We will advise so that you are invested in products that suit your risk profile and financial position, and that you are kept well informed and updated.