The Oasis Crescent funds provide a comprehensive range of unit trusts that meet the needs of Islamic investors by providing funds that comply with Shari’ah investment principles.

All of the portfolios are well diversified, efficient, flexible, transparent, and managed according to statutory requirements. They are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and regulated by Central Bank of Ireland.

The Oasis investment philosophy is consistently applied to all of the global investment funds to provide downside protection, whilst maintaining exposure to those assets that provide superior long-term returns. The application of this investment philosophy would therefore result in a reduction in the volatility of your returns, without compromising on your long-term investment growth.

All of the investment funds within the Oasis Crescent range comply with the standards as set out by the Organisation of Islamic Countries as governed and issued by the Fiq’h Academy.  The governing bodies include the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) and Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institution (AAOIFI) of which Oasis is a member.  These organisations work in harmony with conventional counterparts to ensure smooth integration of the Islamic Products into the Regulatory Framework.   Over the last 15 years we have been members of these organisations and participated in the governance and standard setting processes, and also worked with the Regulators to ensure that our products and the needs of Muslims are accommodated in the Regulatory Framework.  Our products are audited by the independent Shari’ah Advisory Board, which includes prominent Islamic scholars from around the world.

Each of the Oasis Crescent global investment funds are designed for a specified purpose. We recommend that you meet with an Oasis advisor to select the funds that are the suited to your requirements taking into account your investment goals, risk profile and individual circumstances.

UCITS Collective Investment Schemes

UCITS directives provide a single regulatory framework for all investment schemes in the European Union. They impose strict requirements to protect the rights of investors. The Manager of the respective funds is the Oasis Global Management Company (Ireland) Ltd, which is a UCITS manager. The umbrella fund company for the portfolios is the Oasis Crescent Global Investment Fund (Ireland) plc and the investment manager is Oasis Crescent Capital (Pty) Ltd.

Collective Investment Schemes pool investor assets to create portfolios of sufficient fund size. This ensures that the Oasis investment team is able to invest in a wide selection of capital market instruments (and other securities). Only when investing on such a scale is it possible to create a well diversified global portfolio, which is not susceptible to the particular behaviour (including downside risk) of a single security.